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Green Card.

Note: this entry was originally posted on the 18th of November but the cross posting from my blog screwed up. I felt my LJ friends should see it. 

So, in case you've not been bombarded the jubilation that i've been spewing all over the interwebs and somehow missed it, my green card finally happened... so that's a thing.

For backstory, I left the USA for Australia in July 2009 with the intention of spending 6 months with my family (especially my dad on his dialysis) while waiting for my green card to be approved. The process, according to the website, was supposed to take six months.

Fast forward to 2.5 years later and it's finally been approved.

Now to be absolutely clear, I do NOT want to assign blame to anyone here. There's certainly been some mismanagement of information on my part and slightly later than planned filing of forms. We're also not a clear cut case, both J and I are dual citizens (J US/UK, me Aus/UK) and don't keep combined bank accounts for various reasons. Also, when we were married her Dad was working for the military and me being a nasty foreigner I probably have a CIA file on me somewhere (and hi CIA people. I'm sure this post has been flagged. Thanks for letting me in).

Having said all that, it's been TWO AND A HALF FRICKEN YEARS OF WAITING which is no small amount of time. While the green card application was in process I was not allowed to enter the US, and due to legalities and finances, J has only visited me twice for 3 months each time. So for the last 2.5 years we've seen each other a total of 6 months. Woo.

I should also point out that the actual interviewer for the green card was lovely. The final discussion went something like this:-

CONSULATE INTERVIEWER: So you've been married for...

ME: twelve and a half years.

CI: Right. And you're both Dual citizens?

ME: Yup. Me Aus/UK and her US/UK.

CI: ... right... and so she used your passport to get into the UK?

ME: (slightly nervous) Oh no! She was already there as a student when I got there. We got married because...

CI: (interrupting) actually, after 12 and a half years, it really doesn't matter why or how it started. You've stuck together and that's great. Congratulations, you're approved.

ME: (collapsing in a moist puddle of relief) er... wow... thanks.

Consequently, Americans, I'm on my way to invade you with bad 19th century phraseology in an Australian accent to make peoples heads explode... to quote some guy I know.

I'll be arriving sometime around the 22nd of Jan and heading to Austin to be job-hunting. Be warned. (also anyone reading in Austin, feel free to direct potential employers here)

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wow,so glad it's finally happened for you!

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