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Winding down

So, I’m off out of the country in 9 days.

It should be obvious that I’m exceedingly excited about this fact. Reconnecting with my wife and actually taking my life off hold is something I’m desperately keen to do.

What is unlikely to be so obvious is that I’m really going to miss this place despite the fact that I’ve bitched about it my whole life. I’m not leaving for good as I’ve switched countries many times now, but I’ll be at least a year, and much as I do like the whole nomad thing, I’d really like to have some sort of permanency for at least while. Consequently I expect I may be in USA for some time.

I’ll miss my nieces and nephews because I’ve missed the bulk of them growing up and found that I really do like them a great deal now that they’re more like humans rather than wriggling messy maggots. I’ll also seriously miss the rest of my family whom I’ve reconnected with far more than ever before recently.

I’ll miss my work. Again, bitching, but we have some awesome people at my work who I’m going to miss a lot. I’ll also miss challenges at the office but I expect that will come when I find a place soon in the US.

Bottom line is… winding down is tricky. I really want to leave but it’s full of buckets of regret as well. I can say goodbye and do all the typical things, and I can make sure I’ll be in touch with everyone by the internets, but the bottom line is that i’m already a little sad, and I don’t expect the next few days to be a barrel of positive energy.

Why can’t happy be freakin simple?

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So which state do you plan to settle in?

Austin Texas eventually. It'll be at least a month before I get my SSN and can even start applying for work there though.

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