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Tidying up.

I’m in the process of tidying up my life. It’s always a weird feeling. My life is pared down to 2 or 3 suitcases and a variety of small carry bags for my living stuff.

To clarify, my life also consists of a whole horde of “stuff” that I can barely remember what most of it is in the US waiting for me, but I’ve been without it for 2.5 years now and barely remember what the heck it is. It’s also make a point of note that my wife is an integral part of my life and much as i’ve only seen her for a few months in the last 2.5 years, she far from qualifies as “stuff”.

One last thing while I’m pointing is that this will be my 3rd or 5th intercontinental move. The first was a trip to UK that lasted 12ish years. Then back to USA for a few months, then (and whether you count this or not is in question) off to Aus for “about 6 months waiting for green card” which turned into 2.5 years (consequently I wasn’t phenomenally prepared and this explains the 3 or 5 comment) and now back to US.

All this means that I’ve got this whole thing pretty well in hand by now. If the aliens came to take me forever at this point all I’d need to know was the weight limit of baggage and how many carry ons and I’d be ready in moments. Do alien spaceships allow carryons? Can I bring liquids? Will they probe for explosives? Anyway…

What I realize as the end result is that stuff is pretty pointless. I hang on to stupid amounts of physical stuff that I’ll actually never use and much of it is purely ornamental reminders of special times. Even ,y digital life is overcrowded with tv shows and books that I’ll never get time to read/watch.

Bottom line is that with a folder of important documents, a change of clothes or two, some cloud storage and a device to access it, and a decent bank account to purchase whatever’s missing I’m fine. I’m still working on the bank account business but I’m pretty ok with everything else I don’t have.

I’m ready to move. And weirdly, after complaining of no stability for a while now, if it came to it I’d be ready to move in a moment at anytime from now on.

Go team nomad.

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That's pretty impressive.
I was just trying to work out if I can make a three-day trip with just carry on.

(Probably not, but it'd be close).

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