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Note: This is an entry out of order. It was originally posted on the 27th of october but the cross posting from my blog screwed it up. I just felt the LJ peeps needed to see it. 

I've been blessed. Most of my family lived stupid amounts of time according to world standards. My last remaining grandparent lived till his mid nineties. Consequently I never expected major problems for any of my family.

So when, just after a world trip to visit me in London (and trek all over europe no matter how poorly he was feeling) my dad found out his kidneys had failed, it was a mortal blow to him.

It took me a long time to realise what this meant to me and put this into words, so bear with me. Or skip to the last 5 paragraphs to read the conclusion.

My dad is a superhero. I know everyone thinks that about their dad, but my dad is… so there. When he was still a kid he caught rabbits to help feed striking workers. He had an early job to go undercover to investigate mercury thieves. He worked all over the place to help support his growing family. He built his own solar water heater from scrap way before anyone knew what they really were. Never ever ask him about his motorcycle kangaroo story. And he ran for Prime minister of Australia during the vietnam era (it's mentioned in the movies, go check). Even after retirement he helped sort some of the Olympic transport issues in the 2000 Olympics.

My favourite dad story is when he was out with my scout troop looking for bamboo poles to serve as tent poles, he accidentally sliced the back of his hand open with a machete, but he didn't want to bother anyone with it so he stitched it up himself with a sewing kit when he got home.

To say my dad is an active person is to severely underestimate the word "active".

So, kidney failure.

Medical lesson here. For those who have never dealt with anyone with kidney failure, there's two main types of Dialysis. Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis. My dad was initially on Peritoneal Dialysis. This is basically a shunt surgically implanted around the stomach allowing the patient (my dad) to have a raised drip feed of mostly glucose run into his system which, to cut a long medical lesson short, allows the peritoneal membrane to work as a filter for the blood. This is good for getting out and about and dad would often be known to pull up in a carpark and hang his drip bag on something high to get things underway.

This would have been an awesome long term solution for someone as active as my dad… if he wasn't so active and thus susceptible to infection. Not ideal. In the 3 years he was on this he was in pain and hospital way too often from infection.

For the last 4 years he's been on Hemodialysis which means a huge machine is installed in the lounge room of his house, and once every 2 days he spends up to 8 hours hooked to a machine that basically filters his blood for him. Way less infection. Way more energy after the treatment. Awesome technology. Serious life suck.

He also could never travel much as he constantly needs to be near a hospital, and near enough to be able to get the call for a new kidney.

On wednesday night, at 1am (just after it ticked over from his birthday) he was offered a kidney. He's been in hospital since then and is now the proud owner of a bouncing baby kidney. Healing fast, and expected to be home within a few weeks.

He's thrilled.

So yes. My dad may live for another 5 years, or another 25 years like his dad… but no matter what he's going to finish his days like a superhero, active and getting about without being attached to a machine… and to be honest, that's all that anyone could ever want, and all that I want for him. Good luck dad.

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So, if bad things happen in threes, do good things happen in threes?
And if so, between the zombie kidney and the green card, what else can go right?

Just read this, because, as you know, I'm slack with LJ etc.

But wow, congrats to him! What an awesome result!

This and the green card combined is really awesome reward for your patience and steely determination (see what i did there?)!

Brilliant news all round!

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