I know there’ve been a huge amount of Steve Jobs eulogy’s since his unfortunate passing last wednesday, but I really felt I needed to add to the flow.

I never even saw Steve Jobs once in my life (the one time I tried (Paris Macworld), he cancelled) , but to say that he affected my life in a profound way is not even close to what I feel.

I was around computers since I was 7, but my first Mac changed who I am profoundly through its simplicity yet adaptability. It was an awesome computer and I’ll never forget it, no matter how much I grumble at the beach ball nowadays.

It made me realise that computers should always be there to assist humans and never be just another task that humans need to do. It made me realise that computers should be an addition to someone doing their job, not an extra burden. Steve did that.

As many people have said, Steve didn’t really invent anything. What he did do was create an entire culture of making tech great for the consumer as apposed to the “making something that sells” that was the prevailing meme.

I can’t have kids. I wish I could. Because seeing the amazing examples of children taking advantage of the world Steve created makes me a very happy man. And knowing (quite well) that my nieces and nephews are connected to the whole world in such an intricate way really makes a difference to my life. There’s things that my 10 year old and I have in common that her parents haven’t caught up on, and I can thank her iPod touch for that.

Thanks Steve, whatever an asshole you were in corporate life (as I know will be touted by papers over and over everywhere) for being the visionary that made insanely great products that “Just Work”. I miss you already.

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Waiting… again.

So, I know I was desperately keen to regularly update… but I failed abysmally. I’m going to make another attempt but not put any onus on it. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. I know, the anticipation is killing you all.

The other day, I finally received the confirmation that I have a greencard interview. This is the first time in 2.5 years that I’ve been close to actually living with my wife permanently again so I’m pretty damn excited. For those that came in late, J and I were married over a decade ago in New Orleans and had been happily living together for over a decade in the UK. For the last 2.5 years we’ve been desperately waiting on news that we could live again together in the US. To be honest, some of it is our fault with later than intended submission of forms and some of it is them losing forms.

So this month I go for medical, then an exciting interview to check that I actually know my wife of a decade and a bit. Should be fun.

Again, apologies for the lack of updates. Since July, i’ve had my wife in the same country for the first time in far to many months and didn’t really feel like it as I felt it was more important to reconnect and was obviously distracted. Today she’s gone back to the US. I miss her terribly and I won’t see her until the decision is made on my greencard. Hopefully that’s a few short months this time… nothing like the 6 months initially promised on the website… or the 2.5 years it’s actually been.

Updates will follow shortly. I’m not desperately trying to reclaim some semblance of life again. I have a goal and a plan and intend to stick to it.

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Wedding ring.

WARNING: Soppy romantic post ahead.

wedding ring

The thing on my alien lizard hand there is my wedding ring. I’ve removed it about 6 times in the last 11.5 years and most times it was painful to do so, both physically and emotionally. To be honest, mostly physically and the previous statement was purely a device to elicit emotion as I’m fairly confident that simply removing the ring will not sever any ties with my wife.

This isn’t an anniversary post. It’s more of a “I miss my damn wife and feel like posting about it” post.

The point of this is that we’ve been “together”, ie: bonded as a single unit, for 11.5 years. We’ve been through shit and shine and come out the better of it.

We’ve been physically apart especially in the last 2 years a great deal due to comedic timing by the US government (hahah, good joke uncle sam, we’re over it now). We’ve been lacking what some (stupid) people consider a large part of relationships due to disabilities for at least 7 years. Neither problem has stopped us being “together”. And I use the inverted comma’s to specify that it’s a stupid word. We’re two people who “just work” with each other. We’re OK with that.

I simply fail to understand people. I’ve had people say “why don’t you just leave her” when informed of her disabilities or the distance problem. What the hell is wrong with people? She’s my fricken wife and I love her to death. I’m not going to leave her just because she’s broken or far away. I really don’t need the physical ring to have a reminder that I love my wife. I’ve committed to her and will always be there for one another (yes, we’ve made exceptions in our vows to allow for release should zombieism or haunting come it to the picture. Neither of us wants a pottery wheel incident.)

So basically we have a weird situation. I fell in love with my wife in a dodgy pub in London the first time I saw her. It took me a few months of creepy stalking to convince her it was mutual. She is the one person who I feel a true bond with and even though we’ve been apart for way too long, and I know we’ll mesh when we see each other again because, well, we just work.

I felt I needed to get that off my chest so sorry for boring you. Go about your business now. Nothing to see here.

Also, to those of you who were at our wedding or have been with us from the start. Hi. We love you. You’ve been awesome throughout the whole time and it’s nice to know we have friends. :)

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Independence day

Americans are weird.

I am not American but I occasionally play one on the internets.

I will always constantly mock americans and their culture, but I simultaneously love them to death. The overbearing nationalistic pride bugs the hell out of me with it’s slightly racist overtones, but simultaneously makes me thrilled for their cohesion. The arrogant entitlement which they have is nicely balanced by the fact that they actually will pitch in when others stand around (albeit sometimes a little too enthusiastically). They’re a nation of lawbreakers as every time someone wears a cheesy American flag t-shirt they’re breaking their own official laws on flag handling (176, J of the flag code if you’re interested) yet that same pride is what drives them to many phenomenally great achievements. And lots more contrary stuff.

I know I’m generalising here. Naming names of exceptions is silly. Please accept that if you’re reading this as an American and have made it past the first inflammatory paragraph then you’re an exception. In fact, the exceptions are the ones I love the most. The ones who make the good bits better and soften the bad bits. And I did marry an American and love her to death despite her weird American ways so please don’t think this is a rant as such, and I grew up with sesame street and US TV so it’s not hard to accept my own indoctrination. Despite the fact that I’m a nasty foreigner everywhere (even in Australia where I was born people think I sound like a nasty foreigner) I’ve always had a soft spot for the USA.

And independence day holds a great deal of significance for me. Up until age 25 or so, I’d never left the country in which I was born. I had explored extensively the boundaries but at the time it was way to expensive for a low wage lifetime loser to travel beyond Australia. I caught a lucky break with work and managed to travel away from my birth country, and the first country I really felt accepted with was USA. I arrived a few days before the release of the movie Independence Day and consequently was at the USA opening on the 4th of July. The sheer exuberant patriotism was both overwhelming and fascinating and it blew me away (and slightly scary to be honest).

The movie itself was cheesy as hell and contained more plot holes than a block of swiss cheese (ironically) but I saw it more of a parade of patriotism than an actual movie.  It was a macy’s parade in cinema format. Something to rally together about and think “yeah, we could beat anything with a computer virus, a drunk pilot and good old american know how!” and ignore the impossible realities to keep pressing on with the attempt. I’m not sure I’d trust the Americans in general when Alien’s arrive as I’d expect a shooting match before pleasantries, but I appreciate the sentiment.

Consequently, I’ll be wearing a cheesy American shirt today (it happens to be a Captain America one) and be carrying sparklers (fireworks have been banned in our office for some unknown reason) and celebrating the American culture… In the same way I celebrate many things I don’t agree with in their entirety. I love them to death as both a people and a philosophy and celebrate them as such. I hate the idiots who take it beyond the bounds of rationality and embarrass the rest of the nation because of it.

Stay strong America, be good, and Happy Independence day.

(I’m celebrating on Australian time just to wind up the Americans who think I’m early. If this upsets you, please slap yourself for me and remind yourself that you’re not the only country in the world. Thanks).

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So I’ve noticed of late that my googlefu is somewhat lacking and my name drifts ever downwards.

I’m slightly happy that I’m still on page one of a “timmie” search but only at position 4 & 5 (twitter and linkedIn), behind the meaning of the name “timmie” at number 3, the best bits of south park timmy (I mean, even the spelling is different!), and most gallingly, timmie doggie outfitters at number one! I suspect some SEO cash on that last one.

I do feel very happy that I’m well ahead of the urban dictionary definition of timmie which is a small joint.

timmie steele (no inverted commas) puts me at 1 and 2 with the exact same linkedin profile which is an awesome win next time I’m job hunting, but 3, 4, and 5 respectively are tim steele the racer, timothy steele the american poet, and tim steele the footballer, the last of which I find particularly annoying as I’d like to think I have more google presence than a footballer. I do like that the crap I spread over the internets is more internet famous than an American poet.

I’ll note that I’m only slightly concerned for my vanity’s sake, it’s more that I’m slightly sad for my declining internetability. I had a domain name before the bulk of the world knew there was an internet. I was internet famous once dammit! I should exist purely in the cloud by now!

Anyway, I’m vaguely comforted by the fact that timmiesaurus still rawks the first page of google, and thankfully my old creepy moniker is fading fast. The internets is a fickle mistress.

… and yes, I’m absolutely brutally aware that this page of links will change my rankings. I take pride in the fact that none of them are back to myself so it should go down. I will simply have to rely on my millions of worldwide adoring acolytes to raise my profile to google godlike status from this point onwards.

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So, I’m currently waiting. This would be no small part of the reason this blog has been on hiatus.

I currently do not have any idea where my life will be in the next 6 months. Which is scary, frustrating, terrifying and just very slightly invigorating. All of which don’t make for a positive writing environment.

To begin from scratch for those that came in late, I’m an Aus citizen who gained dual UK citizenship by living there for 11 years, married a US citizen who then became a UK citizen based on staying there on my passport. She’s currently stuck in US and I’m currently stuck in Aus. I’m applying for a greencard to try and get us together but there’s been issues, partially because we’re fricken lazy, partially because there’s so many fricken forms, and partially because the system … er… has issues (he says pandering to the robots that read all blogs). A change of government and hence system of processing half way through didn’t help.

End result is we’re still waiting on end results. We’ve no idea if I’ll be accepted or rejected (we’re hoping the former) and we’ve no idea how long this will take. We’ve been waiting since mid 2009 and it’s now mid 2011 and we have a fresh batch of forms to fill out. We can’t really make long term plans as if I’m rejected it sort of throws the US plan into a tailspin, and even if I’m accepted I need to start from scratch over there which is no mean feat.

And result, I’m waiting. Saving (as much as I can). Building skills that I never wanted to have. Connecting with people that I’ll likely never deal with again.

Basically, spending my life waiting.

I’m over 40. My longterm career prospects leave something to be desired. I’ve not seen my wife for nearly 9 months. Waiting seems to be all I have going for me.

So I’ll wait.

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Lessons children can learn from Harry Potter
  1. Teachers lie and deliberately misdirect.
  2. The only trustworthy teachers are the slightly creepy ones who aren’t even allowed in the school.
  3. Teachers will often teach useless nonsense and ignore useful stuff.
  4. Going against teachers teachers specific instructions will save the day.
  5. Unicorns are tasty
  6. Arrogant rich kids pretty much run the show.
  7. Being good usually gets you sacked.
  8. Sport is all about amazing natural talent. No training is required.
  9. Foster parents are evil and commit child abuse regularly.
  10. Animals are way more reliable than regular mail (which is probably true).
  11. Being good at chess only leads to pain.
  12. Redheads are trouble and never amount to anything.
  13. Adults will rarely believe a thing you say.
  14. It’s OK to be evil if you wear a disguise or change your name.
  15. Wizards should never be in charge of the adoption process.
  16. Cheating is good.
  17. Lying to authority figures is good.
  18. When you’re in a position of power you should always be a dick about it.
  19. Getting accepted to good schools is a birthright and you never have to work at it.
  20. Actually learning the coursework always makes you second best.

I’m amazed at how many of these are true outside of HP.

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For reference sake: New job=Manic activity+weirdness+self discovery+sense of self worth+brain explody+general goodness.
Result – I hope to update soon, but don’t hold your breath. Loving every minute but I have 36 hours of homework everyday.

More when my brain works again.

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On the subject of “comments”

I’ve just disabled the “comments” option on all new posts on the public version of this blog (and will be doing the same with old posts). On a public vanity website it’s pretty pointless as it’s just getting my inbox filled with spam… and the lack of proper comments certainly doesn’t help my vanity anyway. ;)

If you want to discuss anything mentioned here you have three options:-
• Privately by emailing me directly – my email address is timmiesaurus [at] gmail [dot] com. If it’s a fascinating insight on the post I may post an update crediting you. If it’s an offer to increase my manhood I likely wont.
• Publicly on Twitter – If you really want to hurl praise and abuse at me for all the world to see do so on Twitter @timmiesaurus
• Lastly, if you really feel you’d desperately like to join a discussion with real people – these posts are mirrored on livejournal at though you’ll have to create an account there and request permission from me to comment.

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All Change!

So those who have been desperately following my posts here, waiting with baited breath for the next instalment in timmie’s life are probably creepy stalkers who will be stabbed in the face. However, those who have been curiously glancing at this blog will know that my life has sort of been on hold while I was waiting for a green card. Meanwhile I was helping out my Mum and Dad while I was lurking round in Australia and desperately missing my wife.

Juliann and I were planning on living a life of luxury in the USA, working in my imaginary job that paid obscene amounts of cash and made me work an hour a week eating marshmellows, and raising oompa loompas on our estate to do our every bidding.

So of course, just when everything was cunningly planned like a cunning thing, it all changed. I threw out my CV in Aus on the off chance I’d pick up something to pass my time and grab some extra cash to buy gewgaws for Juliann.

So of course, along comes that damn awesome company in Aus offering that stupid awesome job to go and ruin everything (though seriously, this is the awesomest awesome job that ever adjectived awesome).

Consequently, J and I will now be moving to Sydney for the foreseeable future to see how this pans out. Green card is on semi permanent hold, J gets a beach, I get a spiffy job, our kitten gets an unfortunate quarantine, and the global destruction of the environment continues unabated. Yay!

Anyone wishing to visit Sydney is welcome to crash on our already disturbed kitten.

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